Our Services

Emotion Code – Releases trapped emotions and heart walls

Emotion Code, created by Dr Bradley Nelson, that uses muscle testing and find and release trapped emotions. It’s a quick simple process whereby a certified practitioner uncovers conscious and subconscious emotions that negative affect you. Once found these emotions are released. Ever emotion holds a vibration or frequency, lower vibrating frequencies affect us in negative ways and attract more negative in our lives. Removing negative trapped emotions allows you to walk in greater freedom because you are no longer driven by forms of stress and trauma.

Life Coaching – Sometimes all you need is a good coach

Life Coaching Sessions are for those who want to level up in life and are willing to do the hard things. If this isn’t you then this service isn’t for you. Here you will take a deep dive into your life and behaviors and access what is serving you and what isn’t. I recommend this service for those who have already emotion code or who are in an emotionally healthy place.

Breath Work – Fast paced or mindful breathing practices that connects you to your whole self

This is probably my favorite service. Here I take you on a journey using your breath. Our breath can easily merge body, soul, and spirit and because of this we can use our breath to access deeply buried parts of our selves. With positive intention and love, you can let go of an array of pain simply via breathing. In most sessions we will merge breathing with mediation to elevate you to a higher plane.

Group Sessions

If you need an in person or zoom session, please contact Ashley or a team member directly.

Spiritual Mentoring – Coming Soon

Spiritual Mentoring from a Christian Perspective. Are you new to your Christian faith or want a boost? I will mentor you on biblical principles of healing…yes that includes energy work…after all everything is HIS!

Speaking At Events

Book Ashley to speak at your next event

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