Emotion Code

The Emotion Code

As a life coach, Ashley uses Dr. Bradley Nelson’s “Emotion Code,” which includes muscle testing techniques and other straightforward procedures that enable people to recognize their imprisoned emotions as a consequence of his significant experience. The wait is done; now, set forth on your new adventure without any emotional baggage. Ashley’s methods work with body frequencies, allowing you to get rid of all your bad vibes and move towards feelings joy.

Practicing Emotion Code

At “The Code to Freedom,” Ashley strives to provide the simple and most productive exercises for a healthy emotional release. She is a seasoned expert with a professional background in professional consulting and years of training. She will undoubtedly give advice on various techniques for releasing emotions and their many advantages. She has a passion for assisting you in getting rid of your fears and anxieties, by applying God’s truth to your life.

emotion code

What is Emotion Code?

An onboarding session and various approaches are used in Ashley’s emotional release treatment to give you long-lasting “overcoming” mechanisms. Your life can remain peaceful because of the many stress and anger management skills that she will teach you. Ashley seeks to bring about change through the force of inspiration, motivation and encouragement. Therefore, her overcoming techniques have improved people’s lifestyles significantly.

We frequently function from a place of negativity without even realizing it, and this affects how we interact with other people. We often are enraged and begin calling people names when someone who is really close to us makes an argument or offers a contrary viewpoint. After a period, we resumed our normal behavior and felt like that nothing had ever happened. As a practitioner, Ashley will work with you to restore equilibrium in your life. She will advise you on how to develop excellent communication skills so you aren’t triggered by internal emotional suppression.

A good life depends much on being able to vent your emotions. Crying is one of the most powerful ways to release mental tension and trauma from the body, among many others. Your body is soothed when you cry, and you’ll undoubtedly feel lighter afterward. This occurs as a result of endorphin and oxytocin stimulation brought on by tears, two substances that promote happiness and positive feelings in people. You can fight stress by releasing your emotions because it gives you energy and a positive feeling

Emotion Code Practitioner

The prime objective of Ashley at “The Code to Freedom” is to provide you with the most remarkable and simple relaxation methods so that you can live a prosperous and happy life in the future; by removing the negative energy that exists within and around you, Ashley seeks to improve your way of life.

Join Ashley right away to begin an extraordinary trip that will change your life! You will never look back on this choice with regret. She is committed to work alongside you to release negativity from your life and will walk you through the entire transformation process, whether it be anger, grief, or any other kind of worry.

To begin your journey toward happiness, come join Ashley at “The Code To Freedom” immediately!